The Game Changer in Data Storage: Unstructured Data Management

Feb 28, 2023 | Backup and Archive

Overland-Tandberg and other members of the Active Archive Alliance share their 2023 prediction on data storage solutions & active archives including data growth, unstructured data management, and more. Read the statement from our CEO Eric L. Kelly on how “Unstructured Data Management Continues to be a Data Storage Game Changer”.


Unstructured Data Management Continues to be a Data Storage Game Changer. For many companies, unstructured data “stuck” in traditional storage environments represents untapped potential that’s difficult to access or analyze. The complexity of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments has made it challenging for IT decision-makers to minimize data silos and translate unstructured data into intelligent, actionable information.

Data management based on an automatic storage tiering approach allows IT teams to avoid silos and dynamically prioritize and distribute data across existing and legacy storage tiers to achieve greater flexibility, access, and speed. Incorporating tape automation as secondary or tertiary storage frees up more expensive primary storage for real-time data transactions, with the added benefit of ensuring greater compliance and security in case of disaster. Tape’s proven reliability, energy efficiency and low TCO make it both a smart and green choice for long-term data storage and active archiving. These are decision-making parameters that have become more important than ever today. ~ Eric L. Kelly, Chairman and CEO, Overland-Tandberg


Titan® T2000

Titan T2000 provides features that simplify tasks such as system installation, configuration, and serviceability enabling IT generalists to manage resources more efficiently and focus on the bigger picture.

Titan® T3000

Titan T3000 delivers fast backups, restores at a high compression level, and sets the bar for data protection from edge to core to cloud.

NEO® Series Tape Libraries and Autoloader

Industry leaders believe in Tape storage because of its definitive reliability, offline security, and lowest cost of storage.