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Solutions for Small Office Home Office

Small business and Home office business owners rely on technology to drive their businesses. While on the go or in their small or home office environments. Their data is oftentimes left unguarded or secure from malicious threats, natural disasters, malware, or otherwise. They know of the cloud—but don’t trust what they can’t see, leaving them uncertain and anxious. This segment sites “lost data” as their biggest fear in ruining their business. Finally, there’s a solution built for this segment with the industrial strength of the big companies with the empathy for the small business environment. See use cases below…

We Make Products for Small Businesses

The patented RDX® removable QuikStor® data storage system is the perfect solution for helping small business customers store and maintain their digital assets. The RDX QuikStor provides the same industrial strength required by large companies at a price point afforded to SMBs. The unmatched security of the stored data protection environment ensures client data is maintained securely, offline so it’s retrievable and free from ransomware attacks and other disruptive data assaults that can be devastating to the small business owner. Rest easy with RDX, knowing your businesses assets are resting comfortably as well.

Use Cases for Small Office and Home Office

These use cases outline our commitment to safe, affordable storage solutions irregardless of the size your business, with the scalability to grow as needed.

Use Case:

Use Case:

Use Case:

Use Case:
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