Cultivating excellence
through collaboration and
forward-thinking leadership


At Overland-Tandberg, we’ve assembled a group of multi-talented professionals that have a long history of success in business. While our backgrounds are eclectic and span a variety of disciplines we remain inextricably tied to a common belief of getting the best out of everyone and everything we do. We’re empowered to think and challenge one another (respectfully) through stringent accountability standards that are rooted in proof and empiricism. Dogma doesn’t thrive at Overland-Tandberg…only the best idea wins and we applaud whomever it comes from. We look at our past to gain perspective, but we’re always looking ahead at what’s next and how we can get better. The leadership is committed, focused and ready to serve.

Eric L. Kelly

Chairman and CEO

Tina Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Carol Dixon

VP Human Resources

Valarie Kelly

General Counsel

Andreas Arndt

Vice President, Global Sales

KT Fok

GTEC General Manager