Data protection and off-site disaster
recovery for physical or virtual SMB,
SME, and enterprise environments


RDX® QuikStation® 8 is an iSCSI network-attached removable disk appliance designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and off site disaster recovery for physical or virtual SMB, SME and Enterprise environments. The RDX QuikStation 8 provides 8 integrated RDX drives. Combined with 5TB RDX media, the system provides up to 40TB of online capacity and unlimited offline capacity.

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Configuration flexibility

The RDX QuikStation provides removable data protection for any or many systems on the same network. The removable disk appliance emulates different configurable storage types, offering users versatility and expanded compatibility. The RDX-based appliance can look like a tape library or autoloader, virtual RDX drives, logical volumes, or a combination of tape and disk.

Flexible and Simple

The RDX QuikStation is designed and manufactured by Tandberg Data to be enormously flexible while being simple to setup and manage. The onboard multi-language web-based management console provides for remote configuration, control, security, and management from a standard web browser. RDX QuikStation offers automatic software updates / maintenance via the internet.

Overcome Capacity Limitations and Data Availability

Spanning data over several RDX media is possible by using either LTO Tape Automation modes or creating a single RDX Media volume that can be expanded but still maintains all RDX benefits of removability and protection of customer’s data.

Data Integrity and Security

RDX WORM media are available for regulatory compliance archiving. RDX WORM software solution has been assessed by KPMG for compliance archiving and workflow integration. Alternatively, customers can use the LTO Tape Automation modes and benefit from the LTO Ransomware protection.

High Performing iSCSI Network Storage

QuikStation 8 is offered with two bonded 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports with load balancing and failover. An IPMI-port provides remote management capabilities.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Based on RDX Removable Disk RDX is the de facto industry standard for removable disk technology and has been adopted by all major system OEMs. RDX delivers the removability and durability of tape with the random access and performance of disk.
Media Removability & Transportability Easily facilitates safe data transport for offline storage, disaster recovery, archiving, data collection and interchange. Up to 10-year RDX media shelf life for data archiving capability.
8 individual RDX drives Use as 8 individual iSCSI targets with simultaneous read/write capability or as individual media locations within an emulated library.
Logical Volume spanning

By utilizing 5TB RDX media, a maximum online capacity of 40TB is available by configuring 2 logical volumes with 4 RDX drives each. In protected mode, a maximum capacity of 30TB can be achieved.

RDX media removability allows for limitless offline storage and media capacities will increase with the RDX roadmap.

High Performance read/write The ability to simultaneously read or write from all 8 drives in conjunction with bonded network connectors in iSCSI mode means that high performance data transfer rates can be achieved to meet shrinking backup windows.
Protected mode for logical volume configurations Ensures high data availability by providing fault tolerance of RDX media.
Optional 2nd power supply Eliminates single point of failure in case of a power failure.
Network Attached RDX

Simple installation & deployment utilizing existing infrastructure and widespread networking expertise.

Perfect solution for consolidating multiple RDX operations.

Green features for minimal power, cooling, and space requirements

Very low power requirements: under 90 watts, typical.

RDX removability means that RDX media that is not currently in use can be taken offline to minimize data center power and cooling needs.

High density 2U Form Factor packs a lot of functionality in a very small space minimizing impact on data center space requirements.

Configuration flexibility with iSCSI or tape automation emulation modes Tape automation modes facilitate quick integration with existing backup applications. iSCSI facilitates centralization of resources, security, and management among multiple hosts in heterogeneous environments while reducing hardware controller costs by utilizing the ubiquitous Ethernet interface.
2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) port Ensures fast access to data with up to 2000MB/s***.
Integrated web-based management Using a multi-lingual standard web browser from anywhere in the world: manage, control, automatic firmware update, diagnose, and configure security.
Three-year Advances Replacement Service Backed worldwide by Overland-Tandberg’s exceptional service. In addition, warranty service upgrade packages are available.
Compatible with major backup software packages Facilitates easy integration into existing data protection infrastructures. Compatible with Windows®, Linux, and Mac OS and major backup packages.
Easy to Setup and Use Start protecting data fast, no special knowledge or training required.
Designed, Manufactured, Sold, and Serviced by Tandberg Data The world’s SMB data protection experts for over 35 years.