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Solutions for SME

Small to mid-size Enterprises, (the so-called SME market), oftentimes find themselves in a conundrum. They’ve worked hard to break out of the SMB and become a meaningful business—oftentimes doing well over 50 million dollars annually but are neglected by larger companies that service the Enterprise or smaller ones focused on the SMB space. The next leap is to move into the Enterprise space, but they realize it would sometimes force changes that ultimately made them successful in the first place.

A Reliable Partner

The next phase of growth is complicated and fraught with teams trying to navigate to the next level. The one constant concern across industry we hear from our partners is how to manage their data life-cycle requirements–when the growth is upon them and decisions have to be made quickly. Massive technology undertakings are expensive, require highly specialized personnel and are rarely simple to deploy. Getting this transition done properly can make or break the organization which many never overcome. This is a delicate time and a reliable partner can make all of the difference in the world.


The Right Products for SME

Overland-Tandberg’s eclectic portfolio and patented IP is the single solution needed by SMEs. The RDX® QuikStation® portfolio provides all you need to perform like the Enterprise at a fair price point of what SMEs can afford. It also works seamlessly with LTO so you have greater flexibility in the data management workflow. No longer are SMEs forced to buy more than they need as the road to growth comes in phases and we’ve got the right combination of products to align with your requirements. Besides, we have a full suite of enterprise products waiting for you when the time is right for your future growth requirements!

Use Cases for Small and Medium Enterprise

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