Global Service Programs : Warranty Information

As the trusted global provider of primary and archival data storage solutions, Overland-Tandberg offers NEO and RDX data management and backup solutions that are backed by world-class service and support. OverlandCare uplift and extension support offerings serve as a complement to the standard OverlandCare product warranty associated with each product, ensuring that our customers have the optimal level of service and support required to meet their particular needs.

OverlandCare Product Warranty

Overland-Tandberg Service Levels

Telephone and Email Support (9*5)    
Telephone and Email Support (24*7)      
Live Chat Support (9*5)
Firmware Updates and Patches
Advanced Replacement, 48 hrs/ 2 Business Days        
Advanced Replacement, NBD, Next Business Day (CRU)        
Onsite Repair/Replace, NBD, Next Business Day (FRU)        
Onsite Repair/Replace, NBD, Next Business Day (CRU/FRU)        
Onsite Repair/Replace, 24x7x4hr. (CRU/FRU)        
Inclusive of All Shipping Costs  

Choose the OverlandCare Product Warranty information for your specific region:

  1. Service response time based on geographical proximity to service center.
  2. Additional charges may apply to zones outside the standard coverage area.
  3. Overland-Tandberg will at its sole discretion, select the most appropriate repair method:
    1. Remotely, firmware update etc.
    2. Shipment of a customer replaceable unit (CRU), for installation by customer
    3. Shipment of a new unit/system, for installation by customer
    4. Service call by engineer to repair/replace unit at customer site