Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Take the worry out of your backup, archive and disaster recovery with RDX

Solutions for SMB

SMBs represent the #1 employer of the world’s jobs. They’re busy and focused on running their businesses. Increasingly, data dependency is growing and the need for reliable and trusted data protection and archive solutions remains critically important to running their businesses smoothly. SMBs are often restricted in their data budgets and oftentimes can’t afford to hire full-time technical staff to oversee their IT environments, leaving them in a tenuous position of fear and anxiety.

Data and IT is a scary place, it’s complicated in their minds, but they know they need it and rely on it to drive their business. The RDX® patented and removable data cartridge system is the premiere solution for backup and recovery for SMBs.

Products for Small and Medium Businesses

The RDX portfolio allows SMBs of different use cases and sizes to have an easy to use and reliable solution that can protect their data and keep their businesses running. Avoid the complexity of data management with the RDX solution—it comes in a variety of capacities that can suit your individual needs and allows you to scale from the introductory QuikStor® or the larger QuikStation®. RDX is versatile and simple to use and provides the perfect solution for the SMB market in an affordable and scalable way.

Use Cases for Small and Medium Businesses

These use cases outline our commitment to safe, flexible storage solutions that scale as your business grows.

Use Case:

Use Case:
Video & Entertainment

Use Case:
Video Surveillance

Use Case: