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Overland Tandberg LTO Ultrium Tape Media

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Overland-Tandberg LTO Ultrium data cartridges and cleaning cartridges are recommended for use with all Overland-Tandberg LTO tape drives, tape autoloaders and tape libraries. Used in the design, test and manufacture of our NEO Series family of tape-based storage solutions, Overland-Tandberg Data LTO media ensures the availability and security of your data. With over 108 Exabytes of total capacity shipped in 2017, LTO media provides the absolute lowest cost per gigabyte and highest reliability for long-term data storage when compared with alternative archive media.

Key Benefits:

  • High capacity, with as much as 30TB of data stored on each LTO cartridge
  • Cartridge memory chip delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring
  • Durable cartridge reduces media failures and eliminates disrupted backup
  • Extreme laboratory testing for superior data availability
  • Data security via hardware encryption of cartridge contents
  • A variety of media type choices
  • Designed for a 30-year archival life and/or 260 full backups
  • Enables businesses to meet regulations for data retention and archiving
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Current LTO media products include:

  • LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-7 Type H & LTO-8 Data Cartridges
  • LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge

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Tape Format LTO-4 LTO-5 LTO-6 LTO-7 LTO-7 H LTO-8
Storage Capacity 800GB / 1600GB* 1.5TB / 3TB* 2.5TB / 5.25TB* 6TB / 16TB* 9TB / 22.5TB* 12TB / 30TB*
Transfer Rate Up to 240 MB/s* Up to 280 MB/s* Up to 400 MB/s* Up to 750 MB/s* Up to 750 MB/s* Up to 750 MB/s*
Number of Tracks 896 1280 2176 3584 5376 6656
Cartridge Memory 8KB 8KB 16KB 16KB 16KB 16KB
Cartridge Dimensions 102.0 × 105.4 × 21.5mm
Operating Temperature 10° – 45°C
Humidity 10 – 80%**
Durability (Nominal) 1,000,000 passes
Archival Life 30 years
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty (typically 30 years)

* Assumes compression ratio of 2:1 on LTO-4/5 & 2.5:1 on LTO-6/7/7H/8
** Without dewing, dimensional specifications are nominal