NEOs StorageLoader

Air gapped, efficient and
economical data protection
that is perfect for SMBs


The NEOs StorageLoader brings easy, affordable high-capacity backup and archive capability to small office environments on a limited budget. Packing up to 360TB in a compact 1u form factor, the NEOs StorageLoader combines ease-of-use features and dependable operation to make efficient, cost-effective offline storage a reality for the most budget-challenged business.

The simplicity of the NEOs StorageLoader also makes it an ideal solution for remote office locations looking to reliably protect important data and move it offsite. If your current data protection strategy involves copying/moving data to a single, desktop tape drive or a tape drive contained in your server, NEOs StorageLoader provides the convenience and reliability of automated data backup, making NEOs StorageLoader the ideal 1st step into automated backup and archive.

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Bar Code Reader

An LTO Tape Bar Code Reader Provides for efficient tape inventory management. Having a bar code label on each tape cartridge enables the card reader to identify the cartridge quickly, thereby speeding up inventory time. A bar code reader saves time, reduces wear of the tape drive, media and automation and reduces the risk of failure.

Remote Management

NEO Series remote management provides intelligent, proactive administration and monitoring of the tape library, tape drives and media, ensuring a seamless backup and archive process.


  • 10/100-BaseT Ethernet connection
  • Provides tape drive and tape cartridge status information
  • Enables remote configuration activities
  • Alerts user to unusual/suspicious activity that may affect the backup/archive process via email or SNMP traps
  • Enables remote firmware upgrades
  • Provides remote diagnostics capabilities

Removable Cartridge Magazines

NEO Series removable cartridge magazines provide effortless media handling for loading/unloading of cartridges while facilitating off-line storage for disaster recovery purposes.


  • Allows users to conveniently add/remove cartridges in their NEO library
  • Provides easy off-line handling of multiple cartridges
  • Enables convenient off-line/off-site storage of cartridges for disaster recovery purpose
  • Ensures more efficient media handling both inside and outside of a NEO Series library


# of cartridge slots 24 8
# of mail slots 1 1
# of tape drives 1-2 1
Form factor 2u rackmount 1u rackmount
Tape drive types supported  LTO-7, LTO-8, LTO-9 LTO-7, LTO-8, LTO-9
Interfaces 6Gb SAS, 12Gb SAS, 8Gb FC 6Gb SAS, 12Gb SAS, 8Gb FC
Max. capacity (TB) 1,080 360
Max. data transfer rate  (TB/hr.) 5.4 2.7
Dimensions (inches) 3.44" x 17.6" x 29.13" 1.73" x 18.98" x 31.85"
Dimensions (mm) 87.4mm x 447.0mm x 739.9mm 43.94mm x 482.1mm x 808.7mm
Weight with packaging 64 lbs. / 29kg 53 lbs. / 24kg
Reliability >2,000,000 MCBF (mean cycles between failures); Less than 5 minutes MTTR (mean time to repair) >2,000,000 MCBF (mean cycles between failures); Less than 10 minutes MTTR (mean time to repair)
Power 160 watts 80 watts
Standard Warranty NEO Series libraries include a three-year OverlandCare Bronze Support Coverage,
which includes 5 x 9 telephone support and advanced parts replacement
NEO Series libraries include a three-year OverlandCare Bronze Support Coverage,
which includes 5 x 9 telephone support and advanced parts replacement