Easy to use IT-solutions for small medical environments

The Problem:

In small medical practices, data management is not one of the most popular and important tasks. Stressful daily business often leaves no time for data backup and archive.

But the amount of data which is daily generated, is not considered by most of the medical staff: Patient data has to be administered, examination dates must be coordinated, and laboratory results need to be filed. In addition, X-ray pictures, cardiograms or magnetic resonance imaging data have to be archived several years. Also, patient data need to be kept getting a long-term overview about the progression of a disease. All this information must be secured against data loss which might be caused by various incidents.

Even in small medical practices data must be treated according to the legal requirements. GDPR and HIPAA set the standard for sensitive patient data protection. Anyone who has access to patient information and provides support in treatment, payment, or operations must meet compliance requirements.

Due to lack of IT-budget, some doctors use USB-sticks to copy files from their systems. But this as an unsatisfactory solution. First, the capacity of the stick might not be large enough to store all necessary files, which will result in using multiple sticks. Second, as this is a manual task it will be done infrequently. Third, this doesn’t protect against a system failure and fourth, a USB-stick is not a reliable device.

The Solution:

In addition to a reliable backup strategy, medical practices also need to archive patient data and x-ray scans for several years in a compliant manner. This means, that data must not be deleted or overwritten. So, doctors need a combined solution for backup and archiving.

RDX QuikStor, a removable disk system from Overland-Tandberg which consists of a drive and a media, solves this problem. This easy-to-use system plugs into a PC via USB3.0 and seamlessly integrates into existing medical software. As RDX is compatible with almost every backup software in the market, implementing an automated and reliable backup strategy is done quickly.

The removability of the RDX media allows full disaster and cyber attack protection and ensures data availability at any time. For long-term archiving, doctors benefit from the available RDX WORM media. RDX WORM is transparent for any application and PACS solutions and its compliance has been assessed by KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main.


Relieving the backup headache with RDX QuikStor

In addition to the RDX drive, Dr. Davidson purchased a third-party backup software. This backup software provides multiple backup jobs to RDX QuikStor, so Dr. Davidson is able to create dedicated jobs to protect her NAS System, her personal computer and x-ray scans with individual schedules. With media rotation capability of the backup software, Dr. Davidson can take one media at home for full disaster protection, while a second media resides in the drive for the upcoming backup.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStor – reliable, removable and secure

  • 1 RDX® QuikStor

  • 3x 1TB RDX Media

  • 2x 1RDX WORM Media

“I started copying files from my NAS System to a USB stick, but the stick was getting full pretty fast. I do a lot of X-rays and ultrasound scans which can create quite large files. RDX eliminated my backup headache. It’s really easy to use and with the conjunction of backup software I have a professional and affordable backup solution. With media rotation I‘m on the safe side as I can take one backup media with me at home. The additionally available WORM media enables me to archive my patient data and X-ray scans. RDX really is an all-round solution!”

Dr. Susan Davidson