Food restaurant chain ensure data protection and compliance with RDX® QuikStor™

The Problem:

The franchise holder conducts 5 restaurants and operates about 10 workstations that run on Windows and a main Intel server at the headquarters. In addition to the MS Office applications, the company uses an ACOMBA database (for accounting and payroll management) as well as a program that is specifically designed for the management of franchise restaurants, which also runs on Windows.

Given its size and sector of activity, the company has a relatively reasonable volume of data to manage. However, the company is subject to strict compliance regulations regarding the tracking of sales. In fact, the Ministry of Revenue of the Province of Quebec requires that information pertaining to all products sold and recorded in cash be kept on file for a period of seven years.

In order to meet this requirement, the franchise holder needed a new backup and archive system that was not only simple and affordable, but above all durable and reliable. He needed to replace his older tape-based archive system, which had proven to be rather unreliable and often prone to break down.

The Solution:

As in many small and medium-sized businesses, the franchise holder does not have in-house IT capacity or resources. It is the franchise itself that takes care of everything to do with the IT system with the support of its IT partner, which provides guidance concerning the choice of material as well as technical and user support.

The IT partner recommended Overland-Tandberg’s RDX QuikStor. the franchise holder was won over by this solution. The installation was carried out in no time at all, just three quick steps: uninstall the old device, unpack the new device and set it in place, and wait a couple hours to allow the IT partner to program the system.

Now “complete” backups of the main server are automatically carried out every night and the backup time has been reduced to only two hours, compared to the six hours it used to take with the old system of backing everything up onto an entry-level tape solution.



Increasing Security:

For increased security in the event of a fire, the franchise holder uses two cartridges every day, one of which remains in the drive at the office, while the other is kept at his house. He believes he will have plenty of room for at least one or two years of storage capacity. If needed, he can buy a cartridge with a higher capacity, which is compatible and readable by the same drive.


Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStor – reliable, removable and secure

  • 1 RDX® QuikStor

  • 2 RDX media for increased security

“We replaced tape drives with Overland-Tandberg’s RDX QuikStor, a reliable, durable and portable solution, perfectly adapted for our small and medium-size business customers.”

“Overland-Tandberg’s RDX QuikStor combines the very best tape and disk technology: ease of use, durability, low cost, high transfer rates and direct access to files, as well as scalability of the capacities available on the hard drive.”

Jean-Pierre Busschaert

Les Systèmes CANACOMP Inc. (IT partner)s