Accelerate Your AI/ML Workload with Scale-Out NAS Storage

Jun 7, 2023 | Backup and Archive

Get ready for a revolution already! AI/ML is poised to transform day-to-day activities on a massive scale. But here’s the catch: the storage infrastructure you choose will impact the value of your AI/ML applications.

According to IDC, the AI market will skyrocket to a staggering $900 billion by 2026, signaling the immense value it holds. But here’s the catch: your IT team needs a storage solution that can efficiently handle this AI-driven future.

 Overland-Tandberg’s Titan T6000, scale-out NAS storage, the ultimate powerhouse that scales alongside your growing AI/ML demands. Unlike traditional storage systems, Titan T6000 allows you to seamlessly add more nodes in 60 seconds, as your data and workload increase. No disruptions, no compromises—just uninterrupted performance.

But what sets scale-out NAS apart? It offers the perfect blend of performance, capacity, and cost-effectiveness. Distributing data across multiple nodes eliminates bottlenecks and accelerates data access.

As your AI/ML workload expands, so does the need for storage capacity. Scale-out NAS effortlessly accommodates this growth, ensuring your training data volumes never outpace your storage capabilities. The high scalability enables users to harness the full potential of AI/ML without limitations.

It is not just about sheer storage capacity; but also about intelligent decision-making. Scale-out NAS empowers you to fine-tune your storage infrastructure, finding the optimal balance between performance and cost-efficiency. Scale-out NAS adapts to your unique requirements, enabling you to maximize your investments.

Maximize data capital with in-place analytics that seamlessly integrates with leading vendors like Pivotal, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and Splunk to drive workloads in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning.

Choose wisely and future-proof your business. Titan T6000 (Scale-out NAS) is your gateway to unlocking the transformative potential of AI/ML. Make the right choice, and unlock the full potential of this ground-breaking technology.

Your AI-driven future awaits!

Titan® T6000

Titan T6000 is an ideal active archive storage solution that combines high performance, near-primary accessibility, value, and ease of use. T6000 provides between 240 TB to 1.2 PB per chassis and scales to 60 PB in a single cluster and includes inline compression and deduplication capabilities.