Using RDX QuikStor for backing up professional product photos

The Problem:

The photo agency manages over 4TB of photographic material. In addition to the company’s own creations, this also includes pictures taken by customers for post-processing. All pictures are available in digital format and are kept in different resolutions and formats which can rapidly increase the amount of data stored. A loss of this data might cause irreparable damage and even lead to business closure.

They believed, that the disk mirroring of their workstation was an adequate protection for their business-critical data. However, this technology, referred to as RAID 1, only protects against the failure of a hard disk. But what if another disk or the entire system fails?

The Solution:

The photo agency came to the conclusion, that a reliable, regular and automated data backup is essential. Among their customers is Overland-Tandberg, which regularly produces photos of their storage products for web catalogues and brochures. So, the photo agency asked the Overland-Tandberg storage consultant for advice. After they discussed the requirements, the agency opted for the RDX QuikStor removable disk system and the ActiveImage Protector backup software from NetJapan.

Overland-Tandberg’s RDX QuikStor was simply connected to their workstations via USB 3.0 and was immediately ready for operation. After the installation of the ActiveImage Protector backup software, the first backup job was ready to roll. An important criteria for the selection of the solution was support for media rotation. This means that RDX media can be stored at an external location and are thus protected against viruses and ransomware attacks.


Media rotation for comprehensive data protection

The removability of RDX media allows the implementation of a comprehensive data protection concept using media rotation. In this system, one media is in the RDX drive, ready for the next backup. Another media is located in an external location and is protected against unexpected events. A third media is
transported to or from the external location. With this arrangement, most of the legal requirements for data backup and recovery are met.


Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStor – reliable, removable and secure

  • 1 RDX® QuikStor

  • 3 RDX media for media rotation scheme

“A loss of our image files would have fatal consequences for my company. With RDX QuikStor and
NetJapan Active Image Protector, I have a professional data protection solution at an affordable price. Since the installation, the system has been running completely automatically and I can concentrate on my core business. Every evening I change the RDX media and take it home with me. This protects my data against unexpected events or virus and ransomware attacks.”

Sven Wilhelm

Managing Director WI Produktfotografie