USE CASE - IT Service Provider

Overland-Tandberg’s RDX QuikStor compensates old and crusted IT infrastructures

The Problem:

Focused on setting up multiple clients or distributing new applications, the IT service provider was looking for a solution allowing them to easily and quickly install and deploy workstations and software. Network speed and software distribution applications are an issue at most companies as additional IT investment for better infrastructure and automation beyond the regular budget is very limited. As a result, the IT service provider must manually cover time consuming tasks like cloning of client images, distributing applications and regular backup and restore operations.

The Solution:

The IT-service provider decided to apply Overland-Tandberg’s RDX QuikStor USB3.0 external drive. The fast transfer rate and the full portability of the device enable him to perform his tasks in a fast and convenient way increasing and delivering a higher level of customer satisfaction.

With RDX QuikStor USB+, the IT service provider is able to perform administrative tasks especially at smaller companies. Here, there is very often an older or insufficient infrastructure due to budget restrictions. So important tasks like setting up additional clients, operating system upgrades of software distribution have to be done with the existing environment.

For the IT solution provider, the RDX USB3.0 external drive technology provides improved mobility and transportability as there is no need for an external power supply if connected to USB ports that include full power ability.


High flexibility and multiple use cases

Over time the IT service provider discovered many more use cases for RDX than just data distribution where images of desktops and laptops were cloned just by connecting the RDX drive to the desired workstation.

With the high capacity of RDX media, several PC-images related to system-type, vendor of operating system can be be stored on one cartridge.

For backup and recovery, the IT service provider also offers on-site IT administration. In the past, he was struggling to offer a fast recovery from outlook mailbox failures at several SMB customers. The built-in backup utilities are only able to back up the whole mail server. So, recovery from a mailbox failure is pretty time consuming. With the use of a self-developed X Mail-script, he saves all PST-files on a daily basis to RDX. In case of a failure, the entire mailbox can to be imported fast and easily from the RDX media.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStor – reliable, removable and secure

  • 1 RDX® QuikStor

  • Several RDX media with different capacities

“RDX QuikStor USB3+ compensates old and crusted IT infrastructures. In my daily work, I encounter companies with weak network performance. So, utilizing the RDX device, is much faster and less costly.
Transferring a 20GB image in less than seven minutes per system. With this method, I can install eight client systems per hour, which would be impossible over the network!”

“I’m very impressed with its performance. Speed is key in this work environment, RDX allows me to complete my work quickly. I can carry this device around, have it on my desk or at a bench and it just works – unlike other portable storage solutions. With its rugged design, data is safe and well protected and I don’t have to worry about my RDX media reliability during my busy workday.”

Rizwan Khan

Owner of Logical Networks