IT provider trusts RDX® QuikStation™ 8 for backup of sensitive medical data

The Problem:

Data loss would be a disaster for any hospital and medical center. Data such as surgical videos, x-ray images, ct-scans, sonographic results, cardiac catheterizations, patient files and databases need to be protected and secured. Therefore, system integrators are looking for reliable and durable backup solutions for their customers.

Many system integrators offered tape autoloaders to their customer base as a backup target. However, tape proved to be too complicated and unreliable for this environment.

The Solution:

To solve these issues, the IT provider turned to RDX QuikStation as a tape replacement and the system integrators integrated RDX QuikStation into their backup solution package including software and hardware. Even though there was a new hardware component in the backup solution offering, no change in the backup concept was necessary by the system integrators at new customer sites due to the high flexibility of the QuikStation 8. Existing customer installations can easily be migrated from a tape autoloader to RDX QuikStation without major changes. The tape autoloader mode of the QuikStation 8 is totally transparent to existing backup and archiving applications. In addition, customers benefit from the backward and forward compatibility and can simply switch to higher capacities according to their needs.


RDX QuikStation 8 removable disc appliance

RDX QuikStation 8 is an iSCSI network-attached removable disc appliance designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and offsite disaster recovery for physical or virtual SMB and SME environments. The RDX QuikStation 8 provides eight integrated RDX drives. The removable disc appliance emulates different configurable storage types, offering users versatility and expanded compatibility. The RDX-based appliance can consist of a tape library or autoloader, virtual RDX drives, logical volumes, or a combination of tape and disc.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStation – Highly flexible and highly performant removable disk appliance

  • RDX® QuikStation

  • Multiple RDX media

“Our system integrators and partners experienced some concerns using tape technology over a longer timeframe at their customer sites. So, some of them complained about mechanical issues. Others had problems with media debris and cleaning. But most customers stated high operational and purchase costs. With QuikStation 8, our system integrators and partners can offer a stable and reliable system for backup and archiving to their customers. Because of the rugged design, RDX cartridges need no special handling. In addition, they are a lot easier to use and provide lower operational cost and TCO. With QuikStation 8, our customers don‘t need to worry about data availability and data integrity any more.”

Mr. Yo Kashima

EIZO Medical Solutions Inc.