RDX QuikStation 8 deployment in the chemical industry

Innovative data backup solution for VMware environment

The Problem:

As a result of the company’s growth, and the increasing requirements on its IT systems, the company found itself confronted with rapidly spiraling volumes of data. As a result, it urgently needed to optimize its data security infrastructure –and its backup and restore strategy – even though the company was satisfied with the systems in use up until that point. However, data throughput was a weak point and an increasingly painful one. The maximum available backup window had now almost been surpassed, so a solution was urgently needed.

At the same time, the IT Manager was anxious to considerably reduce the restore times for the worst case scenario – his company could not afford prolonged outages as its business model is based on flexible customer service and continuous deliveries.

The Solution:

As the company was already a satisfied customer of the RDX QuikStation 8 solution, they were looking after an optimization of the existing solution. The QuikStation is an iSCSI network-attached removable disk appliance designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and off-site disaster recovery for physical or virtual SMB and SME environments. An experienced service provider analyzed the situation and recommended installing a rapid RDX QuikStation 8 with 10 Gbit Ethernet ports. It was to be equipped with new RDX removable disks, with increased capacities and higher speeds.

The backup solution’s key function is to back up the VMware infrastructure. With the updated backup hardware, new backup intervals, which require considerably less time, are now scheduled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Comprehensive data protection

To run regular and comprehensive backups have become even more critical recently, especially because of the threat of ransomware, the huge risk of a third party – blackmailers – encrypting the data. The Overland-Tandberg RDX technology components are ideally suited for this. They combine the advantages of earlier tape solutions (reliability, robustness, with mobile media and hassle-free integration into the overall system) with today’s requirements for speed both in the write/memory process and for re-access, restore and high availability.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStation – fast and flexible removable disk appliance

  • 1 RDX® QuikStation 8
  • 8x 4TB RDX Media

“We faced an urgent data throughput problem that resulted in our backup window being put under huge strain. Thankfully, we received the perfect high-speed solution from our system vendor – and within a shorter time-frame than expected.”

“As the availability demands of our IT systems is constantly on the rise, there is less and less time available for daily backups. Therefore, the fresh approach to data backup provided by RDX technology has been invaluable to us.”

Jörg Becker

General Manager of Becker Chemie GmbH