Channel-focused software solutions provider counts on Overland-Tandberg’s RDX® QuikStation®

Application developer uses the RDX® QuikStation® 8 to ensure automated backup for his development and production environments.

The Problem:

Founded in 1996, the company develops and sells a suite of powerful marketing solutions and services that can be easily implemented and integrated with leading CRM applications to produce results quickly. These products include a complete partner relationship management (PRM) solution, a channel sales force automation (CSFA™) tool; and a multi-channel marketing automation solution.

With millions of application records updated daily as well as a myriad of portals, email campaigns and internal development data, the company maintains a heavy workload. They presently manage a total of 10TB of data split between the development and production departments. Their servers are backed up daily, an incremental backup usually running four hours each day, and a full backup is done every weekend, which can take 48 hours. Tapes are rotated to different vaults several times each month.

The Solution:

Faced with the challenge of ensuring data retention and security across all environments after their existing backup solution for the development environment failed, the company recently installed an RDX QuikStation data protection device from Overland-Tandberg.

For the company, it was also very important that the new solution worked seamlessly with their existing backup software, without any configuration issues. After the large investment the company made in backup software, the fact that the RDX QuikStation was instantly compatible with it was a major factor in their decision to go with the product.


RDX QuikStation, the “Swiss Army Knife”

Overland-Tandbergs’s RDX QuikStation is a network-attached removable disk library that has been specifically designed to provide a multi-cartridge platform for data protection and off-site disaster recovery. Nicknamed “the Swiss Army knife of data protection” because of its versatility and expanded compatibility, users can configure the appliance in several unique disk, removable disk and tape automation modes. The RDX-based appliance can look like a tape library or autoloader, virtual RDX drives, generic disk drives, logical volumes or a combination of tape and disk. Cartridge spanning enables storage up to 40TB with a single backup set.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStation – Highly flexible and highly performant removable disk appliance

  • RDX® QuikStation®

  • Multiple RDX media

“Our storage requirements have grown 800 percent over the past three years, so it was vital to find a very dependable, easy-to-use backup solution that would work as planned and not create any headaches. The Overland-Tandberg RDX QuikStation is that solution.”

“We obviously need much greater reliability. Because the RDX QuikStation has no robotic parts, we can avoid the previous situation when the cost to fix the broken robotic arm was more than the cost to replace the entire unit. That said, we feel much more comfortable about product reliability. At the same time, we really like the RDX QuikStation’s flexibility, the way it can be configured and how it can emulate different storage devices.”

Craig Flynn,
President, TreeHouse Interactive