Innovative data backup solution for VMware environment

The Problem:

Stadiums and concerts are popular, creating large and ruckus environments where fans can turn into fanatics within the drop of a hat (or mike for that matter) and when large crowds gather, and alcohol is involved, security agencies become challenged to keep up, thus, creating a bonanza of various types of fraud, attacks and general disruptiveness.

After a sold-out mega-star event, they came to the conclusion, that they didn’t have enough security to handle and monitor the increased foot traffic. They had been confronted with violent perpetrators that become opportunist, wreaking havoc on innocent attendees.

The Solution:

The local security division mounted additional 36 cameras throughout the stadium to increase security potage of the video surveillance data captured at concerts. The footages of these cameras have been transferred to the central server of the security division, which made it increasingly difficult to pull data from the server for investigation purposes, while not disrupting footage data gathering from other locations.

They found a solution in the RDX removable disk technology by syncing up the footage data to RDX with a USB connection.  That allowed to transfer the crime scene footage to the RDX removable and secure disk drive, and easily hand that data over to law enforcement. Culprits can now apprehended swiftly, as law enforcement agencies can access the data almost instantly – not what would have taken many hours to retrieve them from the servers.

Two birds with one stone

In addition, the encryption footage can now be protected and secured and help to solve the crime in a court of law.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStor – reliable, removable, compliant and secure

  • 1 RDX QuikStor Drive
  • Several RDX Media