RDX for Data Protection in the Hospitality Industry

Data protection and data retention solution for sensitive hospitality data.

The Problem:

From small operations to multi-national hotel chains, most businesses in the hospitality industry rely on IT solutions for operational efficiencies, customer relationship management. Also, digital video surveillance is now a critical part of IT solutions. Managing and protecting all digital information is a critical business issue. Losing data can create significant compliance exposure and cause severe business consequences.

Most business owners and managers seek an automated data protection solution that is easy to deploy, easy to operate and that can address multiple needs. The administrative staff at these businesses are proficient in their hospitality operation, but not necessarily IT. A solution that is secure, versatile, and reliable in the hospitality industry is essential.

The Solution:

Overland-Tandberg RDX QuikStor and RDX QuikStation appliances fit perfect into hospitality environments of all sizes. RDX appliances are easy-to-use and convenient media-based removable disk solutions for backup, archiving, data exchange, and disaster recovery to protect their data generated from day-to-day operations, CRM systems, and digital video surveillance.

Hospitality businesses benefit from RDX appliances especially in their video surveillance applications as RDX frees up valuable disk space on their video surveillance storage systems. Video footage can be archived for later use to investigate in incidents.


Full disaster recovery with media rotation

The removability of the RDX media allows especially smaller environments with single server infrastructure, laptop users or single NAS implementations, ransomware protection by using media rotation. In this case, a single backup target with RDX QuikStor is implemented. Using multiple media enables to alternate the media after the backup has finished and provides multiple layers of protection. One media would reside in the drive ready for the backup, one media is located offsite at an external location and the third one is on its way either to or from the office.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStor – reliable, removable, compliant and secure

  • 1 RDX QuikStor or RDX QuikStation
  • Several RDX Media for media rotation