Provinzial Rheinland Versicherung AG optimizes its data backup process with NEO tape Libraries from Overland-Tandberg

The Problem:

Provinzial Rheinland operates more than 200 servers with a wide variety of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 2008R2, LINUX and AIX. Every day, thousands of customer transactions are carried out in different applications. In addition, the increasing digitisation is causing a steadily increasing volume of data, so that the daily amount of data to be backed up varies between 5 TB and 10 TB.

It is fundamental that Provinzial Rheinland cannot afford any loss of data. Customers expect the insurance service at all times. Thus, a two-tier backup concept was implemented under IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager).

The Solution:

Due to the increasing amount of data to be secured, Provinzial Rheinland decided to replace the existing tape infrastructure. The backup with the existing LTO-3 solution was very time consuming and reached its limit. Therefore, they looked for an alternative or a replacement solution.

Ultimately, Provinzial chose the flagship of Overland-Tandberg’s NEO Tape Library series, the NEO 8000e with a capacity of up to 15PB because of its outstanding value. A subsidiary, the Lippische Landesbrandkasse in Detmold, needed a new backup solution as well. The scalable NEOxl 80 tape library was introduced here, offering 80 to 560 cartridge slots. This library is not just used for data backup, with the Tivoli Storage Manager archive function it is used to archive relevant business data.


Solution Outcome:

With the introduction of Overland-Tandberg’s NEO tape libraries, the LTO-3 was simultaneously upgraded to LTO-6 tape technology. This allowed the backup window to be significantly downsized. In addition, the much higher capacity of the LTO-6 tapes meant that half of the required footprint could be saved, which resulted in an immediate cost reduction. With the NEO tape libraries, Provinzial Rheinland has invested in a future-oriented technology that will meet upcoming requirements.

Products Used in the Solution:

NEOxl 80 – flexible and scalable

  • 1 NEO 8000e

  • 1 NEOxl 80

  • LTO-6 Drives

“The price-performance ratio of NEO tape libraries from Overland-Tandberg has completely convinced us. I would like to mention the smooth handling, the fast installation and the easy implementation in our existing infrastructure.”

“The location of the Overland-Tandberg Service and support center in Dortmund is another advantage.”

Hans Peter Vehreschild

Group Leader Client-Server