RDX® for security environments in the finance sector

Finance data needs to be protected against unauthorized access, viruses and cyber-attacks

The Problem:

Finance environments have specialized security requirements. Data backup by system administrators is extremely important. However, this is not enough. Backups need to be stored off-site to ensure full disaster protection as well as protection against virus and cyber-attacks.

According to IBM’s X-Force threat intelligence index from 2019, the finance and insurance sector has been the most-attacked industry for three years in a row, with 19 percent of total attacks and incidents in 2018.

Because if this, most finance environments will not accept USB devices attached to their systems and block or disable these ports. In addition, data must be encrypted for protection against unauthorized access.

The Solution:

Overland-Tandberg’s RDX® QuikStor® combines the benefits of tape’s removability and long archival life, as well as the benefits of disk’s fast data access and high throughput. The rugged design of the RDX media ensures data integrity.

RDX QuikStor is available with a SATA III interface and is easy to integrate into servers or desktop PCs. This allows the use of a removable disk device for backup and transfer of backup data offsite, even if USB ports are not usable due to compliance and security policies.

The RDX QuikStor drives with SATA III interface offer RDX PowerEncrypt hardware encryption. RDX PowerEncrypt data encryption can be added to any RDX media. It is FIPS 140-2 validated and encrypts the data written to the RDX media using AES-256 XTS standards. Access to the data is secured by a password key. So, data is also secured during transit and off-site vaulting.


Comprehensive protection with RDX RansomBlock

An effective protection solution against virus and ransomware attacks is to store data off-site and keep it outside the network, which can be done effectively with RDX. However, during backups, or if backups of business-critical data are performed continuously or frequently during the day, there might not be an opportunity to place the backup media off-site or off-line. Sometimes, it cannot be 100% ensured that the media is ejected right after the backup task has been completed.

RDX RansomBlock is an optional feature and allows only authorized applications, like backup software, to perform modifications to the data, while defending data access from cyber-attacks by blocking any non-authorized write access to RDX.

Products Used in the Solution:

RDX QuikStor – reliable, removable, compliant and secure

  • Several RDX® QuikStor® internal drives with SATA III interface

  • Several RDX media in different capacity points

  • RDX RansomBlock software