The inventor of the cosmetic pencil counts on positive experience and flexibility

The Problem:

The IT-Department gathers the operating data and supports both the production as well as the controlling and logistics. For many years, the company has been using data storage systems from Overland-Tandberg for data backup. Modular tape libraries of the NEO series have proven to protect their investment because of their compact design and longevity.

The increasing virtualization of the server environment was used at Schwan Cosmetics to implement servers and storage in a highly available environment. Thus, a change of the backup strategy was necessary. In conjunction with VMware 6.5 and the use of Veeam 9.5, a new tape library was needed.

The Solution:

The scalability in the number of LTO media and LTO tape drives was one of the points to continue to buy from Overland-Tandberg in terms of technical features. 160 LTO tapes and two LTO-6 FC drives were realized with a NEOxl 80 base module and an expansion module. As expected, the installation went smoothly and in a very short time.

Schwan Cosmetics forecasted 160 LTO-6 cartridges, but it quickly became clear that this calculated capacity would not cover their data growth. After only a few months, another XL80 expansion module had to be procured, which increased the capacity to 240 cartridges. The integration of this further module took place without problems and in just a few minutes. This confirmed the positive experiences with Overland-Tandberg. If required, up to 18 LTO drives can be installed in this configuration to quickly respond to increasing performance demands.


Additional functionality

A really important aspect in the operation of the hardware is the possibility that the hardware covers the claims regarding automatic error notification. E-mail complements the SNMP notification e.g. on the weekends and in the holiday season. If necessary, the tape library can be accessed remotely with a corresponding notification and corrective action taken if necessary, or the service can be informed with comprehensive details even during the absence.

Products Used in the Solution:

NEOxl 80 – flexible and scalable

  • 1 NEOxl 80

  • 2 Expansion Modules

  • 2 LTO-6 Drives

“During a trade show-visit a few years ago, we took a look at offers of hardware for backup from various vendors. Looking closer, we found that the manufacturer of the eligible tape libraries is Overland-Tandberg. The advantages of uncomplicated access to German-speaking support was one of the main reasons for our decision. Good personal contact with the sales department and the technical team have then created a highly appreciated business relationship.”

“The integration of the additional module was done easily and in just a few minutes and confirmed our experience that we were right about Overland-Tandberg’s Tape Libraries.”

Gerd Meier, Senior IT Architect

Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH