Global Service Programs - Service Options

Overland-Tandberg Service Levels

Service Feature RTB Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Web and email support (24×7)
Firmware updates and patches
Remote problems and diagnostic support
Telephone support (9×5)    
Telephone support (24×7)      
Advanced replacement, 2x b/days        
Advanced replacement, 1 x b/days (CRU)        
Onsite repair/replace, 1 x b/days (FRU)        
Onsite repair/replace, 1 x b/days (CRU/FRU)        
Onsite repair/replace, 24x7x4hr. (CRU/FRU)        
Inclusive of all shipping costs  

Find the OverlandCare Product Warranty information for your specific region:


  1. Service response time based on geographical proximity to service center.
  2. Additional charges may apply to zones outside the standard coverage area.
  3. Overland-Tandberg will at its sole discretion, select the most appropriate repair method:
    1. Remotely, firmware update etc.
    2. Shipment of a customer replaceable unit (CRU), for installation by customer
    3. Shipment of a new unit/system, for installation by customer
    4. Service call by engineer to repair/replace unit at customer site
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