Is your data management strategy equipped for the future?

Secure your valuable data against cyber attacks and natural disasters with a robust data management strategy. Removable devices like RDX and LTO tapes offer versatile offline storage solutions that keep your data safe from online threats and accessible even during network failures.

Why Not Just NAS or Cloud Backups?

While NAS and cloud backups are important components of data management, relying solely on them can leave your data vulnerable. Here’s why:

  1. Single Point of Failure: NAS and cloud backups are susceptible to cyber attacks and system failures, potentially rendering your data inaccessible.
  2. Dependence on Connectivity: Cloud backups require an internet connection, making critical data access compromised during network outages or disruptions.
  3. Limited Protection: Although cloud backups provide offsite redundancy, they remain vulnerable to physical disasters that could impact the data centers housing your data.

Offline Storage is Vital

Incorporate removable devices like RDX and LTO into your data management strategy to add an extra layer of protection. Offline storage physically disconnects your data from the network, reducing the risk of cyber attacks and safeguarding it against online and physical threats.


Tape and RDX solutions not only excel in data storage and backup reliability but also contribute to sustainability efforts, offering energy-efficient operations and recyclable components. By choosing these eco-friendly options, organizations can minimize their environmental footprint while ensuring data security and longevity.

Take Action Today

Rethink your backup and data management strategies to protect your business in the evolving digital world. Embrace the power of removable devices with RDX and LTO, alongside NAS and cloud backups, to create a comprehensive solution. Contact us now to learn more about our multi-layered approach to data backup and storage, ensuring the security and continuity of your business operations.


RDX® Removable Disk

RDX® QuikStor® and RDX® QuikStation® Removable Disk Backup is a removable disk-based technology providing lightning fast backup and restore. The RDX product family is designed to deliver cost efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with growing data storage needs. There’s no technical mountain to climb here, and it’s just as easy to store data offsite—simply remove the pocket-sized disk media and carry to another location.

Tape Libraries and Autoloaders

LTO Tape is the ultimate solution for a final layer in data protection and archive. Widely used, LTO Tape is recognized as the standard for final data protection processes. Industry leaders believe in LTO Tape because of its definitive reliability, offline security and lowest cost of storage. LTO is the ideal solution for Long Term Data Storage and protection.

Titan Storage Solutions

Titan primary and secondary storage solutions help you to unlock the value of your data through scalability, intelligence, and cloud integration with acceleration of your critical workloads. Effectively manage the rapid growth of unstructured data with Overland-Tandberg’s flexible and easy-to-manage scale-out solutions with SAN/DAS, Unified Storage, PBBA, and archive NAS.

Olympus Servers

The Olympus Server line offers tower and rack configurations for businesses that require value, flexibility, and performance needs. The servers provide a mix of features to maximize performance, scalability and adaption to virtually any workload. RDX® QuikStor® System backup and business continuity options are available for the tower server models.