SSD: The NextGen in RDX Media

  • High performance addition to RDX family
  • Best read/write performance
  • Shrink backup window 50%
  • Grab-n-Go shock proof design
  • Capacities from 500GB to 4TB


Coming Fall 2021

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RDX vs. External USB drives (HDD & SSD)

RDX Feature Benefits
Media/Drive Architecture Dock remains at the computer system; cartridge can be easily removed, labeled and set aside in robust jewel cases
Portable Media designed to be portable for offsite storage
Media Spanning Enables data transfers that are larger than a single cartridge*
Media Rotation Due to stable drive letter, media can be rotated for off-site disaster recovery
Business Security & Compliance  Encryption, WORM and RansomBlock are business grade security features available for RDX
Drop Protection Media durability translates into longer life and reliability
Lowers OPEX and TCO RDX is a proven IT standard since 2006. Forward and backward compatibility of systems and media extends IT investment for the long term
Integratable Internal drive models can be installed into computers to build an integrated solution

* if supported by backup-software