LTO-6 End of Life: September 30th 2021

Time is Running Out

LTO-6 End of Life: 30|SEP|2021

Overland-Tandberg is now taking final EOL orders for all LTO-6 tape drive products and NEO S-Series and NEO XL-Series tape library bundles shipped with LTO-6 drives until September 29th, 2021 – and while supplies last.

Things to consider:

  • LTO NextGen ― Newer generations of LTO deliver far greater performance and capacity. An LTO-8 tape can store 12TB native and up to 30TB compressed. Reminder, LTO-9 will only be backward compatible to LTO-8.
  • Offline Security ― Ransomware spreads via networks. Backups stored on removable tape media that’s disconnected (air gapped) from the network can’t be hacked.
  • Archiving Tape remains the most cost-effective medium for long-term data archiving, both for regulatory compliance and business continuity.
  • Stock Up ― Place your LTO-6 orders early, while supplies last.

Whatever your next move is Overland-Tandberg offers a full range of LTO tape solutions and global services to fit your needs. Contact your authorized Overland-Tandberg reseller for more details or contact us via this form.



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