OverlandCare Produktgarantie

Overland-Tandberg Product Warranty
Product Warranty Level
LTO Tape Drives 3 Years Bronze Level
LTO Media Limited Lifetime
NEOs Storage Loader 1 Year Bronze Level
NEOs T24 1 Year Bronze Level
NEOxl 40 1 Year Silver Level
NEOxl 80 1 Year Silver Level
RDX QuikStor 3 Years Bronze Level
RDX QuikStation 3 Years Bronze Level
RDX Media 3 Years Bronze Level


  1. Product warranty listed above is for zone 1 countries
  2. On-site service warranty is only available in selected countries and locations (due to geography and terrain)
  3. For additional product warranty information please visit overlandtandberg.com/service-support or contact Overland-Tandberg


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