A special business continuity and data protection offer for USBC members. 

We have been protecting the data of small businesses and global enterprises for 40 years and have shipped over 5 million units. Let us help you protect your business.

RDX®, the single choice for solving your data protection and business continuity requirements.
These solutions help limit the damage from:





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Data Protection and Backup Solutions Exclusively for USBC Members. 

RDX QuikStor USBC Security Backup

The RDX QuikStor includes RDX Media capacity ranging from 500gb,1TB, 2TB,3TB 4TB and 5TB storage capacities. The compact and portable design is an ideal solution for off-site storage, disaster recovery and business continuity.

RDX QuikStation 4 for USBC Members

The RDX QuikStation 4 comes with 4 drive bays, 4 x 1Gb Ethernet, 1U rack mount capability that is flexible, easy to use and can scale up to 20TB capacity using 500gb,1TB, 2TB,3TB 4TB and 5TB RDX Media. The Quikstation 4 is a perfect solution for small office environments that have multiple users and require data protection of their digital assets. The Quikstation provides removable storage for offsite storage for business continuity and compliance requirements.

RDX QuikStation 8 for USBC Members

The RDX QuikStation 8 comes with 8 drive bays, 2 x 1Gb Ethernet, 2U rack mount capability with up to a 40TB capacity using 500gb,1TB, 2TB,3TB 4TB and 5TB RDX Media. This workhorse is powerful and gives IT environments the same easy to use functionality with the same power and low cost of ownership as other more complex LTO environments.

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