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RDX QuikStation 4 1U


Highly flexible removable disk array for automated data protection, disaster recovery and archiving.

The Overland-Tandberg RDX QuikStation 4 is an iSCSI network-attached removable disk array designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and off-site disaster recovery for physical or virtual SMB and SME environments as well as Hybrid-Cloud applications. The RDX QuikStation provides 4 integrated RDX drives in capacities of 500gb,1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB, for a total capacity of up to 20TB. 

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High Performing Network Storage
For maximum performance and resiliency, the unit provides two bonded Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports with load balancing and failover capabilities. With its groundbreaking flexibility and ease of management, the RDX QuikStation is the “Swiss Army Knife” of data protection.

Fits in various Environments
The iSCSI connectivity of RDX QuikStation enables an easy integration into physical and virtual environments and also Hybrid cloud storage architectures. Providing four RDX iSCSI targets, up to four application server can utilize their own removable disk storage device.

Overcome Capacity Limitations
By spanning RDX drives in the QuikStation together, the capacity limitation of one single RDX media volume can be extended, but still maintain all RDX benefits of removability and protection of customer’s data.

Flexible and Simple
The RDX QuikStation is designed and manufactured by Overland-Tandberg to be enormously flexible while being simple to setup and manage. The onboard multi-language web-based management console provides for remote configuration, control, security, and management from a standard web browser. RDX QuikStation offers automatic software updates / maintenance via the internet.

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